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Hughes Nursery & Landscaping in Cedar Rapids, IA

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Hughes Nursery staff with work truckTo say horticulture is in their blood would be an understatement for John and Tom Hughes. These brothers were raised in their family’s business as fourth generation nurserymen. In 2008, they established Hughes Nursery and Landscaping LLC while celebrating the heritage of 100 years of growing and landscaping for the Hughes family in Cedar Rapids.

In fact, there’s so much history in this family’s business, that a museum complex was created to hold it all! The museum includes a building full of family and business photos, documents, equipment and memorabilia, plus the company office and windmill that were moved four miles from the original business location on Wilson Avenue. The current location sits on 100 acres in southwestern Cedar Rapids.

Field of plants at Hughes Nursery in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

While specializing in delivery of professional plant nursery and landscaping services, the Hughes family not only handles, maintains and grows plants of all shapes and sizes, but brings creative innovation to their business too. As the third-generation owner, Dwight Jr. helped develop several tools and systems to increase efficiency and decrease some of the demanding physical labor associated with their industry. One of which was a “C” ring pneumatic gun to staple burlap around the root ball of a field grown plant. Additionally, in 1982, Dwight Jr. first conceived the creation of the “Tree Boss” and the third revision of this mechanized, balled and Burlapped, robotic tree handling system was patented in 1996.

Hughes Nursery & Landscaping
5201 Nursery Rd.
Cedar Rapids, IA 52404
(319) 396-7038

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