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Growth in our economy is driven by hard work, creative initiative, and investment right here in our community. Developing our workforce requires telling our stories and getting young people interested and involved in the region and our local community.

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What business could survive without high-speed internet? Few, if any. From startup phase to 10,000+ employees and everything in between, ImOn Communications provides telecommunication services that businesses need to thrive and grow.

Although providing residential services since its founding in Cedar Rapids almost 12 years ago, ImOn began serving the business community after the historic and devastating Flood of 2008. ImOn stepped up to help get flood-impacted businesses back up and running free of charge. Most of these same businesses are still ImOn customers today.

ImOn believes that being local is a true benefit to customers and involves more than simply saying the words.

“We’re your neighbors, and we take it very seriously to live that every day and deliver a world-class service that helps the local economy grow,” said Bernard Dutchik, Vice President, Corporate Development & Strategic Partnerships. “We also put our resources to use to engage with the community, which allows us to give back on an individual level whether they are our customer or not.” For almost a decade, ImOn employees volunteer each month utilizing ImOn’s service fleet to deliver for Meals on Wheels, a program that delivers meals to older adults and persons with disabilities to meet their daily nutritional needs.

With their true fiber network and fully redundant architecture, ImOn provides high-quality service with the fastest available speeds, that are less prone to outages and downtime. This will continue to prove advantageous for the entire local economy, as the need for bandwidth and connectivity grows.

ImOn Communications
625 1st St. SE #100
Cedar Rapids, IA 52401
(319) 298-6484

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