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The Map Room in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

The Map Room, a mix of farm-to-table and neighborhood burger joint, fits snugly under a skywalk on Third Street SE in Cedar Rapids. Offering a full bar and lunch and dinner menu, the owners Christina and Mitch Springman credit the Cedar Rapids community for giving them the inspiration to come back to the area, put down roots and start their own endeavor after a combined 40 years of service in the restaurant industry.

The Map Room’s name started as a quasi-joke. They’d argue in flea markets, toiling over the decision to buy yet another map saying, “Where will this one go? Oh yeah, we’ll just put it in ‘the map room,’” Christina smiles.

The Map Room logo

Slightly bigger than the imagined room, this one of kind burger joint came to life in June 2017 as these husband and wife proprietors built a place that was indicative of the restaurants they had worked at and visited around the world. The concept fits someplace between farm to table and a neighborhood joint with comfortable quality.

Both Christina and Mitch grew up in Cedar Rapids, eventually deciding to return home in 2010 to put down roots. The community and connections they built here ultimately allowed them to move from holding management positions to becoming owner/operators.

“It’s the community here that’s allowed us to thrive,” said Christina citing everything from the loans provided by business contacts, to help with finding a space and finalizing a concept. “People here want to help you, don’t be afraid to ask for it.”

The Map Room
416 3rd St. SE
Cedar Rapids, IA
(319) 362-0417

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