Public Policy Priorities 2022

Public Policy Priorities 2022

The Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance and Iowa City Area Business Partnership join forces to promote pro-growth policies for our region. We collaborate with our over 2,000 combined member businesses and other partners to develop focus items vital to our region’s success.

With the help of our combined 2,000 members, partners and community stakeholders, the Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance and Iowa City Area Business Partnership take positions on key issues affecting the economic growth of our region.

Our region’s success relies on our ability to compete in the global economy.  Now more than ever, we need to grow, retain and attract a skilled workforce. We must remove the barriers to work, and grow our population by developing solutions in immigration, child care, housing, community placemaking and talent development, while planning for a future with innovative solutions and creating an environment for businesses to thrive.

Together we support state and federal policies that:

★ Welcome Workers From All Populations
★ Enhance Community Attraction Efforts
★ Regain Status as Educational Leader & Invest in the Future Workforce
★ Close the Opportunity Gap & End Barriers to Employment
★ Embrace Solutions Utilizing Technology and Natural Resources
★ Promote and Incentivize Business Growth

Iowa’s success is rooted in a strong urban and rural connection. Our reliance on each other provides mutually beneficial growth, and we need policies that equally value the unique strengths and needs of both.

Finally, policy makers must find common ground solutions to the challenges our state and nation face. We expect our elected officials to argue their perspective passionately, civilly and respectfully. We also expect solutions that address the challenges our communities face as a part of that debate. It is time to again focus on the common ground issues that will grow Iowa, help us prepare for a more promising future, and bring trust back to America's political system.


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