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The Howard Hall Excellence in Business award will be given to one recipient. Previous winners are not eligible to receive this award. This premier business leader award exemplifies the outstanding, enduring business values of Howard Hall and his passion for a vibrant Cedar Rapids. This award recognizes a business leader who is integral to the success of the membership and our region.

The namesake of this award was an industrialist and philanthropist who used his influence to create a better local economy and community. Mr. Hall was dedicated to the development of our region and frequently worked behind the scenes to attract new businesses and jobs. We benefit from the many contributions of the Hall Family today.

For reference, you will find a full list of previous winners in the section below the nomination form. Award nominations will close on November 30.

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Howard Hall Excellence in Business Award Winner History

2000 - Alliant Energy, accepted by Jim Hoffman

2001 - Quaker Oats, accepted by Roger Vincent

2002 - JCPenneys, accepted by Daniel McElwain

2003 - Justice Electric Company, accepted by Dave Justice

2004 - Mary Quass, New Radio Group LLC

2005 - Cedar Graphics, accepted by Hassan & Salma Igram

2006 - Worley Warehousing, accepted by Brandt Worley

2007 - Diamond V Mills, accepted by John Bloomhall

2008 - The Entire Cedar Rapids Community (after Flood of 2008), accepted by Jack Evans, President of The Hall Perrine Foundation

2009 – No record of Award

2010 - AegonUSA

2011 - Rockwell Collins

2012 – No Award given this year due to merger and creation of EA

2013 - Pat Baird of AegonUSA, Clay Jones of Rockwell Collins, John and Dyan Smith of CRST

2014 - Tom Aller of Alliant Energy and Kyle Skogman of Skogman Realty

2015 - Jack Evans, Hall Perrine Foundation and Steve Caves, US Bank

2016 – Chuck Hammond, Raining Rose

2017 - Tony Golobic, GreatAmerica Financial Services Corporation

2018 - Larry Helling, Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust

2019 - Duane Smith, TrueNorth Companies

2020 - Charlie Rohde, King's Material Inc. and Dakota Red Corporation

2021 - Chris & Suzy DeWolf, Lil Drug Store

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