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Let's Get Down to Business: Developing a Culture of Crisis Readiness with Eileen Wixted & Colleen Scholer

Let's Get Down to Business: Developing a Culture of Crisis Readiness with Eileen Wixted & Colleen Scholer

Thursday, November 09, 2023
8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

TrueNorth Companies LLC
500 1st St SE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52401

Join us as Colleen Scholer and Eileen Wixted from Wixted & Company provide practical applications of crisis management strategies. 

Please Note: This event will take place at TrueNorth, not the Economic Alliance. Please utilize metered, street parking which is free until 9am. 

COVID-19 changed nearly every aspect of our world, including crisis communications. As companies and communicators had to deal with sharing the constant evolution of an unknown, many companies sharpened their crisis communication skills in real time. Now that the pandemic is part of our new normal, it is increasingly important to focus on creating a culture of crisis readiness. As we continue to navigate in a rapidly changing business environment, crisis planning and readiness skills are important to managing risks and protecting your organization’s brand. There are different types of crises - social media missteps, misconduct, violence, and social issues, and others which can have significant impact on your reputation. This session will use case studies and examples to explore crises in modern times, as well as outline how to begin developing a culture of crisis readiness focusing on issues identification and best communication practices for various stakeholders.

3 things you will take away from this session:

1. Understand the new face and definition of crisis

2. Begin developing a crisis communication plan

3. Learn important elements in the first communication of any developing crisis

The Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance offers a variety of programming to grow and develop your business, continue your development as a leader, foster your growth as a professional, collaborate and create something new, or simply meet and network with other professionals. Check back soon for more detail on this session. 

This event is for members of the Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance. Refer to our Membership Directory for a full list of members: If you're interested in becoming a member, reach out to Membership Growth Specialist Anne Laugen at