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KNHB Radio

“Why don’t you start your own radio station?”

After nearly two decades in the radio industry, that question sparked Troy Williams, CEO and Program Director at KNHB Radio to attend radio broadcasting school in La Crosse, Wisconsin. In 2017 he started KNHB Radio in his basement. Today, KNHB Radio is an open format online radio station playing hip-hop and R&B hits from today and yesterday.

How does KNHB Radio add value to the Cedar Rapids area?

We have a great local radio community. As an urban station, we play music you might not normally hear on other stations. You might hear a sprinkle of hip-hop and R&B elsewhere, but we really go in-depth with the genres. By providing urban connections and with our open format, KNHB Radio diversifies the local radio offerings.

How do you support the local music community?

KNHB Radio is a place where local artists can be heard. We’re interested in helping them grow, before they hit the big time. If there are local artists that want to play their music on our station, students who are interested in learning more about the industry, or music lovers who want more urban shows brought to the area, we’re all about it and do everything we can to help.

How can listeners tune into KNHB Radio?

Listeners can tune in 24/7, either online at or on our mobile app, KNHB Radio IA. We host four DJs and air national shows about music, sports and other topics.

Outside of tuning into their station, you can catch KNHB Radio out in the community DJing at private parties and community events. In fact, you may have seen (and danced along) with them at this year’s Market After Dark. Learn more about the local radio station on their website,

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