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Enseva: Offering Innovative IT Services in Hiawatha

Businesses rely on IT every second of every day. Hiawatha-based Enseva is a datacenter committed to continuous improvement and innovation, servicing customers across the globe. Father-son duo Doug and Chris Sevey share more about Enseva in our September Member Spotlight.

Tell us about Enseva - what type of services do you offer?

Chris: Enseva is a datacenter offering cloud, colocation and professional IT services. We’ve been in business since 2000 but have been at our location in Hiawatha for about six years. Our work reaches all over the world because while most of our clients have some sort of a presence in Iowa, often they also have a location elsewhere in the U.S. and even Germany, China and Singapore, to name a few.

What sets Enseva apart from other businesses in your industry?

Chris: We put an incredible amount of resources into research and development. As a result, we’ve come up with several services that allow us to outperform and have lower costs than our competitors. We have a very innovative mindset. In fact, around the time we opened our Hiawatha office we made big changes that just weren’t being seen in the industry at that time.

Previously, a lot of our work involved building and managing data centers for customers. We decided to build our own datacenters and start offering cloud and colocation services. That way, our customers could either eliminate the burden of datacenter management by collocating IT equipment in a secure bunker or completely get out of the business of managing IT infrastructure by adopting either Azure or AWS compatible cloud platforms operated out of Enseva datacenters. Organizations can mix and match services to take advantage the benefits each environment has to offer as well.

Doug: Our primary objectives are always improving technology and helping our customers. We’re reinvesting in technology constantly, so when our customers come to us with a problem, we know we can create the best possible solution to their needs.

Learn more about Enseva on their website,

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