Two Buy Local Initiatives See Success in 2019

Economic Alliance | Feb 26, 2020

​The impact of dollars spent locally was a common thread through which much of the Economic Alliance’s Business Support work was… Read More

Better Your Community By Serving on a City or State Board or Commission

Economic Alliance | Feb 26, 2020

​There’s power in the voices of the business community and our members! Amplify your voice by serving on a city or state board o… Read More

USMCA Success: Your Voices Make a Difference

Economic Alliance | Feb 26, 2020

​Congratulations to all Economic Alliance member companies and employees who contributed to the positive outcome of the United S… Read More
Category: Public Policy
Tags : Public Policy, USMCA

Census Data Used to Determine Federal Representation, Funding and More

Economic Alliance | Feb 26, 2020

​2020 is census year. The census gathers so much more than just population figures. Conducted every 10 years since 1790, our sys… Read More

Economic Alliance Annual Report for 2019

Economic Alliance | Feb 17, 2020

In 2019 we unveiled to you, our Economic Alliance members, a Strategic Plan that identified the primary focus for each of our fo… Read More

Youth Exercise Their Way into the End Zone and a Healthier Lifestyle with Iowa BIG Project with Cedar Rapids River Kings

Economic Alliance | Feb 17, 2020

​Iowa BIG is a partnership with area school districts that connects high school students with businesses to provide an experienc… Read More

Fair Chance Hiring Strategies: One Way to Address Workforce Availability Shortages

Economic Alliance | Feb 17, 2020

​Workforce shortages are a top concern for area employers. Fair chance hiring is one way to innovatively address issues with wor… Read More

MedQuarter Receives Final Child Care Center Feasibility Study, Weighs Possible Next Steps

Economic Alliance | Feb 17, 2020

​After conducting the first two phases of the three-phase child care center feasibility study, Mills Consulting Group of Framing… Read More

Make 2020 the Year Your Retail Business Goes Online

Economic Alliance | Feb 17, 2020

The internet has transformed the way we all shop: from our couches, with price transparency, and with easy delivery and returns.… Read More

ICR IOWA: New Lifestyle Materials Available for Recruiters

Economic Alliance | Feb 17, 2020

Attracting talent from outside Iowa City-Cedar Rapids (ICR) takes more than just the promotion of a job….it takes the promotion … Read More

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