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Growing the Connection, Together.

May 2, 2022 | Business Support

ImOn Communications

Creating connections, one person at a time.

That’s ImOn Communication’s purpose as they plan to cover the entire Cedar Rapids community and beyond by 2024. “The time to act is now. We want to run fiber past every home in Cedar Rapids, Hiawatha, Marion, Iowa City, Coralville and Dubuque.” says Lisa Rhatigan, Vice President of Customer Experience at ImOn Communications. “We’ve worked hard to build out our serviceable footprint one neighborhood at a time. The pandemic accelerated the demand for quality high-speed broadband. Entertaining from home, working remotely, lifestyle-driven needs that started before the pandemic are all something we saw coming. It has just come more rapidly than we had anticipated.”

While it was always in the game plan to expand, the extreme speed in which demand sky-rocketed led ImOn to seek out financial partners to help accelerate its plans. One partner rose to the top, and now investment funds, managed by Goldman Sachs, have acquired ImOn. Even though Goldman Sachs is located out of state, they have no intention of changing who ImOn is; all employees and operations will remain in place in Iowa.

“We are having to order fiber and other constructions materials a year in advance in order to be able to build and move forward at a rapid pace. That is why a source of capital like this is so important.”, says Rhatigan. “Fiber-to-the-home broadband is the fastest, most efficient, and reliable way to transfer data. We want to be able to offer it to everyone as soon as possible.”

ImOn communications, founded in 2007, is an award-winning provider of telecommunications services for residents and businesses in Eastern Iowa. Like the rest of the community, ImOn has fought back to recover from the 2008 flood, 2020 derecho and global pandemic that have hit businesses and residents hard. ImOn has turned these hardships into opportunities, not only for the company, but more importantly for those who need them most – the community.

Rhatigan is excited about the future of ImOn, having just celebrated 15 years in the community with a very busy and bright future ahead. “It’s foundational to ImOn that we consider ourselves a part of the community. We are not just an Internet provider, we are your neighbors, we live here, and we rely on the same network as you do. We are here to support the community.”

With the ground thawing, the regional expansion has already begun, and ImOn is full speed ahead putting fiber in the ground. To see if ImOn is coming to a “Fiberhood” near you, visit their new area expansion page on their website at