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Leadership Component Reimagined for Adult Class of 2019

August 20, 2018 | Leadership for Five Seasons

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Each August, 35 of the best and brightest leaders in our community embark on a ten-month journey known as the Leadership for Five Seasons Adult program. Leadership for Five Seasons (LFS) is a premier community leadership program that focuses on developing top talent through a formal leadership curriculum. LFS provides participants with community knowledge, connections and inspiration to make a positive impact on the community.

The LFS Adult Class of 2019 is the first in 36 years to experience the program’s reimagined leadership development component led by Nate Klein, Vice President for Student Success at Mount Mercy University and a graduate of the LFS Adult Class of 2017. Leadership development is ever-present at each phase of the program through the Leadership Practice Inventory (LPI) assessment tool and True Colors, a personality-identification system. Klein is a Certified True Colors Facilitator.

At the program’s two-day retreat on August 9 and 10, each class member took part in an assessment tool called the Leadership Practice Inventory (LPI). LPI measures the participant’s leadership skills based on input from themselves, their supervisor and those who report to them. Based on the results, an action plan was created for each participant focused on growing their leadership skills.

The class now continues their LFS journey on nine education days, discovering the community through lenses like agriculture, human needs, economic development and history. Each education day will include programming that tackles a different leadership development component.Before the program’s graduation in May 2019, the LPI assessment will be administered again to measure just how much the participant has grown as a leader and what they’re bringing back to their employer.