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Regional Demographics & Economic Indicators

Data Type Stat Description
Age 35.6 ICR IOWA median age of 35.6 years is younger than the National average at 37.2.
Educational Attainment 95.2% Percentage of ICR IOWA population, age 25 and older, with a high school diploma or greater academic attainment. The national percentage is 88.2%
Employment Growth Rate 6.34% ICR IOWA had Total Employment of 200,893 and was represented by growth of 6.34% between 2006 and 2015. Comparatively, the National growth rate was 5.26%.
Mean Commute Time (minutes) 19.6 Compared to 18.9 minutes for Iowa, and 25.9 for the national average, Cedar Rapids has a mean commute time of 19.6 minutes.
Median Household Income Growth Rate 12.27% ICR IOWA median household income is $57,928.57, compared to the National rate of $53,889.00. Between 2009 and 2016, ICR Iowa had a 12.27% growth rate compared to the National rate of 4.79%.
Per Capita Personal Income $47,332.14 In 2015, ICR IOWA Per Capita Personal Income was $47,332.14 and experienced a 40.95% growth rate between 2006 and 2015.
Per Capita Gross Domestic Product $56,305.50 In 2015, ICR IOWA Per Capita GDP continued to shine outpacing the National average, $56,305.50 to $50,054.00. Additionally, when comparing the growth from 2006 and 2015, ICR Iowa Per Capita GDP had a growth rate of 13.34% versus the National Average of 2.40%.
Cost of Living Index 96.7 To calculate the cost of living in Cedar Rapids, the Economic Alliance participates in the ACCRA Cost of Living Index report. The Economic Alliance is a member of ACCRA, a non-profit organization and producer of the nationally renowned Cost of Living Index. ACCRA produces the Cost of Living Index to provide a useful and reasonably accurate measure of living cost differences among urban areas. In 2015, ICR IOWA of Living Index was 96.7.

See how Iowa compares to other states with the IEDA 50 States Comparison tool.

Occupation and Wage Table

Title Entry Level Experienced ICR Iowa Iowa Mean National Mean
Management Occupations $24.52 $54.43 $44.46 $43.90 $54.85
Business and Financial Operations $18.80 $35.44 $29.90 $29.71 $35.52
Computer and Mathematical Occupations $23.97 $40.25 $34.82 $34.29 $41.44
Architecture and Engineering Occupations $24.39 $40.31 $35.01 $34.07 $39.91
Life, Physical, and Social Science Occupations $20.12 $34.47 $29.68 $29.66 $34.32
Community and Social Service Occupations $14.07 $23.67 $20.47 $20.13 $21.98
Legal Occupations $21.48 $42.39 $35.42 $39.23 $49.66
Education, Training, and Library Occupations $16.44 $30.99 $26.08 $23.51 $25.53
Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports and Media Occupations $12.67 $24.89 $20.82 $19.84 $27.45
Healthcare Practicioners and Technical Occupations $24.76 $49.06 $34.29 $33.42 $37.34
Healthcare Support Occupations $11.37 $16.07 $14.50 $13.72 $14.07
Protective Service Occupations $14.09 $22.94 $19.99 $20.11 $20.61
Food Preparation and Service Related Occupations $8.10 $10.67 $9.81 $9.69 $10.98
Building and Grounds Cleaning and Maintenance Occupations $9.57 $16.01 $13.86 $12.40 $12.95
Personal Care and Service Occupations $8.93 $12.75 $11.48 $11.30 $12.20
Sales and Related Occupations $10.60 $19.80 $16.73 $16.79 $18.98
Office and Administrative Support Occupations $11.69 $19.34 $16.79 $16.24 $17.47
Farming, Fishing, and Forestry Occupations $10.18 $15.87 $13.97 $14.38 $12.28
Construction and Extraction Occupations $15.13 $24.98 $21.70 $21.09 $22.85
Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Occupations $14.56 $25.94 $22.15 $20.77 $22.10
Production Occupations $13.11 $21.34 $18.60 $16.73 $17.46
Transportation and Material Moving Occupations $11.38 $18.77 $16.31 $15.79 $16.76
All Occupations $14.42 $24.73 $21.29 $20.16 $23.05

Iowa Wage Report | State of Iowa: Quick Stats Laborshed Analysis Wages
Iowa Wage Report data is developed using data from the OES employment and wages program. Wage estimates are updated annually using the Employment Cost Index. Wage and employment data are available for the State, four Balance of the State areas, fifteen IWD regions and nine Metropolitan Statistical Areas.

Demographics & Economic Report

The Economic Alliance maintains and updates demographic, economic and spatial information for the Cedar Rapids Metropolitan Statistical Area which includes Benton, Linn and Jones County. Review all demographic and economic data for our area in the annual Demographics and Economic Report.

Largest Employers in ICR Iowa

Cedar Rapids Metro Statistical Area and ICR Iowa are home to industry leaders in Electronic Equipment & Design, Insurance & Financial, Healthcare, Logistics & Distribution and many more innovative industries. The following is a selection of the largest employers, public sector and private sector, in ICR Iowa. For a complete list, contact Andrew Elwood at 319/730-1406.

15 Largest Public Service Companies 15 Largest Private Companies
Employees Location Employees Location
University of Iowa 22,827 Iowa City, IA Rockwell Collins 9,400 Cedar Rapids and Iowa City, IA
University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics 11,551 Iowa City, IA Transamerica 3,800 Cedar Rapids, IA
UnityPoint Health - St. Luke's Hospital 2,979 Cedar Rapids, IA Whirlpool 3,200 Amana, IA
Cedar Rapids Community School District 2,879 Cedar Rapids, IA Hy-Vee 2,356 Cedar Rapids and Iowa City, IA
Mercy Medical Center 2,140 Cedar Rapids, IA Nordstrom Direct 2,150 Cedar Rapids, IA
Iowa City Community School District 1,700 Iowa City, IA Pearson Educational Measurement 1,765 Cedar Rapids and Iowa City, IA
Veterans Health Administration 1,562 Iowa City, IA ACT, Inc. 1,243 Iowa City, IA
City of Cedar Rapids 1,309 Cedar Rapids, IA Quaker Foods & Snacks 920 Cedar Rapids, IA
Four Oaks 1,100 Cedar Rapids, IA Riverside Casino 901 Riverside, IA
Linn-Mar Community School District 987 Marion, IA Alliant Energy - Interstate Power and Light 845 Cedar Rapids, IA
Mercy Iowa City 900 Iowa City, IA International Automotive Components 785 North Liberty, IA
College Community School District 850 Cedar Rapids, IA Kinze Manufacturing 725 Williamsburg, IA
Kirkwood Community College 810 Cedar Rapids and Iowa City, IA Hibu 723 Cedar Rapids, IA
Linn County Board of Supervisors 762 Cedar Rapids, IA Vangent 700 Coralvile, IA
Grant Wood Area Education Agency 487 Cedar Rapids, IA General Mills 650 Cedar Rapids, IA

Laborshed Analysis and Existing Industry Surveys

Laborshed Analysis

The 2016 Laborshed Analysis shows the distribution of the workers irrespective of natural or political boundaries, as well as provides community economic developers and existing or prospective employers a flexible tool to understand the local labor market, employment center and make informed expansion and site selection decisions.

Cluster Laborshed Reports

Advanced Manufacturing
Information Solutions
Information Technology

Existing Industry Surveys

Most of our community’s growth both in capital investment and jobs comes from our local businesses. The Economic Alliance conducts Existing Industry interviews annually. These surveys play an important role in our community’s business retention and expansion program. Traditionally, this program has five goals:

• Identify companies with plans to expand
• Identify companies at risk of leaving/downsizing
• Identify company and community problems
• Provide assistance
• Build relationships

Our executive interviews assist us in achieving all of these goals, with the results included in the full Existing Industry Report.

Targeted research and data requests are a benefit included in EXECUTIVE and above membership levels at the Economic Alliance. For more information, please contact Research and Analytics Specialist, Andrew Elwood at 319/730.1406.

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