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Reaching Beyond Comfort Zones – Slingshot25 Challenges 319 Companies to Push Their Status Quo

March 28, 2023 | Buy 319, Membership

Slingshot25 Staff and Offices

Expertise in change. Expertise in leadership. Words that the small, but mighty power team at leadership consulting company, Slingshot25, knows a thing or two about. Their company helps business leaders address team performance issues using change management and leadership development programs. In their work, they equate strong, trusting relationships to a company’s success. That’s also why when it comes to hiring services to support their business, their first choice is to work with local companies.

“Slingshot25 was founded in 2020.. From the start, we have always had a local mindset”, shares Courtney Smock, Slingshot25 Partner.

“We try to keep everything we can local: our lawyer, accountant, insurance, 401k, bank, IT support- they’re all from the corridor. It gives you such a sense of security and confidence when you work with someone local. When you know you have someone to call that will be readily available, knowing a person will actually pick up the phone, and not pay a fee or be bounced around through an automated system, it’s really important to us.”

When local businesses support each other, it just shows that you got each other’s back. When Slingshot25 had some technical difficulties with their new website, their local marketing partner jumped into the trenches and fixed the issues right away. When they went through an office renovation taking what used to be a gym into a functional office space, a local printing and design team were on-site multiple times with creative ideas and support.

“As humans, we often go with what we are comfortable with. Instead, we need to challenge ourselves and be curious. It will either validate your first assumption, or will help you find something you didn’t know existed that will be for the better. Pausing to think about what you might be missing out on – it will be totally worth it,” shares Courtney.

It’s about embracing change, but it’s also about strong and authentic relationships. “Pausing and getting to know people and changing your thinking takes time. But every time we’ve done it at Slingshot25, we’ve ended up in a much better place,” says Courtney. “It’s especially important as a small business when all your work gets done with who you work with, so shouldn’t you know the people you’re working with? Businesses should start having conversations with other business owners, it’s a great place to start. Get curious, and start asking the right questions and having conversations with people.”

So pause. Reflect. Challenge your status quo. If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t entice change. And as Slingshot25’s team knows well, change matters and when you navigate it well, it makes a big difference.

The Economic Alliance is challenging all businesses in the 319 area to make the conscious decision to switch one of their outside vendors to a local company. The first step is committing to do so, by signing the pledge, and then searching the membership directory of more than 1,100 local member businesses, all located within the 319 region. Sign the pledge. Make the change. Learn how at