YMCA - An Amazing Space

Economic Alliance | Nov 23, 2022

​Many members of our community are navigating obstacles and challenges in their every day lives, and the Cedar Rapids Metro YMCA… Read More

State Gives Final Approval for Convergen Energy

Economic Alliance | Nov 18, 2022

​During its meeting today, the Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) Board unanimously approved a financial incentive packa… Read More

We're All in This Together - Our Towns

Economic Alliance | Nov 14, 2022

In late October, I had the privilege to play tour guide for authors Jim and Deb Fallows for two days during their first visit to… Read More

Cedar Rapids Metro Gaining National and International Attention for Business Attraction Projects

Economic Alliance | Nov 09, 2022

2022 has been a monumental year for economic development in the community. The Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance has responde… Read More

Local Company Helps Clients Go Green

Economic Alliance | Nov 04, 2022

​We all strive to be environmentally responsible throughout our lives. We recycle. We compost. We conserve energy. AMTek Micr… Read More

Nearly $235 Million of Capital Investments Coming to the Cedar Rapids Metro After State Money Awards Announced

Economic Alliance | Oct 27, 2022

​Fifteen Cedar Rapids metro projects received major funding boosts from the state of Iowa as the Iowa Economic Development Autho… Read More

Discussions Around DEI Remain Top of Mind for the ICR Region

Economic Alliance | Oct 24, 2022

When diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) are ingrained in a society’s core, it’s a win for everyone. An equitable business com… Read More

Thinking About What Matters

Economic Alliance | Oct 12, 2022

​Brain drain - the departure of our college graduates to other states – isn’t anything new. We’ve read about, try to recruit aga… Read More

Engaging Young Professional in the Community...It’s Easy!

Economic Alliance | Sep 26, 2022

​Getting your young professional employees involved in the community is a key retention tool for the Cedar Rapids metro area. Im… Read More

Iowa Workforce Development and Iowa Department of Health and Human Services Announce Another Round of Funding for Child Care Business Incentive Grants

Economic Alliance | Sep 26, 2022

The Economic Alliance team hears regularly from our members about their workforce challenges, and that includes access to child … Read More

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