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DeltaV Code School: Upskilling & New Opportunities

June 5, 2023 | Business Support, Economic Development & Workforce

In today’s fast-paced world, Melissa Silver understands the challenges that companies face in keeping up with rapid technological advancements. As the Director of Student Services at DeltaV Code School, she recognizes the importance of prioritizing upskilling the workforce. However, limited time and resources often hinder professional development opportunities for employees.

“DeltaV Code School has the power to revolutionize the way employees learn modern web development,” said Melissa Silver, Director of Student Services at DeltaV Code School. “With a 20-week program designed to empower professionals, it equips them with high-demand coding skills, opening doors to exciting careers as software developers.”

Investing in DeltaV for employees means investing in the future of the company. By providing them with the latest coding skills, companies can ensure their workforce stays ahead of the technological curve and fills critical tech-job openings within the organization. It’s a powerful way to demonstrate dedication to employee growth and future success.

“When it comes to preparing your workforce to meet your company’s needs, our team and instructors are fully committed,” emphasizes Melissa. “Our instructors are passionate locals who bring industry best practices to life in the classroom.”

Whether employees are beginners taking their first steps into coding or intermediate coders looking to enhance their skills, DeltaV has the perfect course for them. From HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for beginners to advanced training for those seeking to level up, DeltaV offers a range of courses tailored to different skill levels. Companies can also collaborate with DeltaV to create a specialized course specifically designed to meet their organization’s unique needs.

Ready to unlock the potential within employees and supercharge company growth? Reach out to Melissa Silver, Director of Student Services, at, and discover how DeltaV Code School can take their company to new heights.