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Discover the MedQuarter Regional Medical District: A Hub of Health Care Excellence

June 29, 2023 | Community Development, Economic Development & Workforce

MedQuarter Regional Medical District
MedQuarter Regional Medical District

MedQ Aerial Courtesy Amperage

Nestled in the heart of Cedar Rapids lies a vibrant and innovative community dedicated to health care, convenience and quality of life. The MedQuarter Regional Medical District, affectionately known as the MedQ, has transformed a 55-square-block area of downtown Cedar Rapids into a hub of medical excellence and community development. But it’s more than just a collection of buildings and businesses – the MedQuarter is a vibrant, dynamic district that is evolving and growing.

As a self-supported municipal improvement district (SSMID), the MedQuarter, is governed by a 12-member commission. “Our commission consists of businesses within the district that share a common goal of improving both the district and the community it serves,” said Okpara Rice, CEO of Tanager and Chair of the Medical SSMID Commission.

This dedicated group of district leaders oversees the district’s ongoing improvements made possible by a special tax that property owners within the MedQuarter pay. Some of these improvements include roadway and parkway construction, maintenance and beautification efforts, and a variety of activities that make the area more attractive and functional throughout the year.

In addition to their focus on physical enhancements, the MedQuarter places great importance on stakeholder and community engagement. Executive Director, Phil Wasta, works with the commission and district business leaders to create exciting initiatives for people within the MedQuarter, like the 2023 MedQ Perks+ Summer Bash Program and the 2023 Mental Health Summit.

“These events bring together businesses, residents and community leaders for fun, informative and engaging activities that showcase all that the MedQuarter has to offer,” said Wasta. “With the district’s master development plan as our guide, we ensure that these events are thoughtfully designed to resonate with the MedQuarter community, creating meaningful experiences for all.”

The district’s master development plan serves as the guiding roadmap that outlines the goals, priorities and investments shaping the MedQuarter’s future. Building upon this comprehensive plan, the district develops annual action strategies to drive ongoing improvements in the MedQuarter and nurture its vibrant community for everyone to enjoy.

Explore the MedQuarter — where health care excellence meets a vibrant community!