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One Change Equates to a Big Difference – Supporting 319 Fills Cedar Ridge’s Cup

March 10, 2023 | Buy 319, Membership

When opportunities arose to take their products international, Jamie Siefken, General Manager and Executive VP at Cedar Ridge Winery and Distillery, knew staying true to their local roots would help make it possible.

“Part of our brand promise, ever since we started back in 2005, was to keep as much as we could local. Even as a new business trying to get our own feet off the ground back then, we knew we wanted to be a part of the local movement.”

“Authentic by Nature” is Cedar Ridge’s simple, yet powerful mission statement. Iowans understand the value of a hard day’s work. Cedar Ridge wants to stay true to this statement by working passionately in all that they do, and as a team respect and practice the Midwestern values in every aspect of their business.

Jamie Siefken
Jamie Siefken, Cedar Ridge

At a local networking event, Jamie was introduced to a local freight and shipping company that could help them take their extremely popular Slipknot No. 9 Iowa whiskey not only out of the state, but out of the country.

“We had demand for this whiskey worldwide – Australia, Japan, Canada and Europe to name a few. There are metal fans everywhere, and they wanted to get their hands on our Slipknot whiskey, but we needed a way to get it to them,” shared Jamie. “ We distribute our whiskey to more than half of the country, but our focus is really regional; Chicago, Minneapolis, Omaha, Kansas City, etc. When it comes to export we had some opportunities. We reached out to the local freight company, had some conversations about what we could do together to make it happen, and have been working together ever since.”

Success of any kind not only comes from providing a great product, but from the people and relationships curated behind the scenes to make it all possible. “The customer service and relationship we have with this company extends beyond the execution of exporting and nitty-gritty of business decisions. We have a real relationship. They stop by the distillery and say hi, drop off cookies and treats around the holidays, and make a real effort to connect. It makes for a great partnership, ” says Jamie.

It may sound cliché that it’s all about the customer service, but in a local partnership, it rings very true. The closer you are to the people, literally, the closer the relationship.

“It is easy to do business with ”like” people – with people that are like-minded and like-individuals because you live in the same environment as them. You come from the same community as them. You share the same values as them. Taking that local first mindset has helped us have global results. We wouldn’t have it any other way.“

Your dollars, your business, your presence all have an important impact within our community. Let’s lift each other up in support so that we can all reap the benefits of a thriving local community. Sign the pledge. Make the change. Learn how at