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Beautification and Safety are Priorities for Cedar Rapids’ MedQuarter: A Vision of Excellence

October 9, 2023 | Community Development, Economic Development & Workforce, Uncategorized

MedQuarter Aerial View
MedQuarter Regional Medical District

In Cedar Rapids, an exciting transformation has been happening where both aesthetics and safety are being improved to create a welcoming community environment. The MedQuarter Regional Medical District, or MedQuarter, has been implementing significant improvements driven by the efforts of the Medical Self-Supported Municipal Improvement District (SSMID) Commission and its Standards Committee. Pauline Herb, Chair of the Standards Committee, sheds light on how taxpayer funds are carefully used to enhance both beauty and function in the district.

“A significant portion of the taxpayer dollars that have been entrusted to the SSMID have been channeled into infrastructure and beautification improvements over the last seven years,” says Pauline Herb. Some of the most noticeable results of these investments are evidenced in the improved roadways, parkways, landscaping areas, sidewalks, bike lanes, pedestrian crosswalks and pocket parks that not only enhance the aesthetic appeal, but also ensure easier and safer navigation for employees and visitors alike.

As a member of the Medical SSMID Commission, Pauline Herb has gained a comprehensive understanding of the intricate pieces required to shape the MedQuarter and its community. “Our partnerships with the city and the other SSMID districts have yielded better outcomes for everyone involved and have become an essential component of our work,” reveals Herb. “The collaboration between diverse stakeholders demonstrates the shared commitment to realizing the district’s full potential.”

The underlying goal is to make every journey, even trips to the hospital, as convenient and stress-free as possible. In the realm of healthcare, where comfort and reassurance are paramount, these efforts are designed to create a calming environment that starts even before reaching the hospital doors. Yet, the ambitions of the MedQuarter don’t halt at its boundaries. “We want people to enjoy visiting all the city’s core districts,” states Herb. “Our initiatives are designed to complement the efforts of our neighbors, fostering a bond between the community and the districts.”

MedQ Aerial from Amperage

The MedQuarter’s efforts have yielded impressive outcomes, creating an atmosphere that’s welcoming and communal. “The district is doing well with beautification, but our focus remains on creating a community that’s warm and inviting,” remarks Herb. “We’re also dedicated to attracting new businesses.” This broader vision serves as a testament to the district’s commitment to economic growth, aiming to create a thriving ecosystem that contributes to the city’s overall prosperity.

Even competing hospitals find common ground when it comes to these initiatives. Herb notes, “Mercy Medical Center, Physicians’ Clinic of Iowa, and UnityPoint Health collaborate and support SSMID activities. This teamwork exemplifies the power of a shared purpose in creating lasting positive change and helps the SSMID reach its larger vision of enhancing the MedQuarter’s image and experience”

In essence, the MedQuarter’s metamorphosis is a journey beyond aesthetics. It’s a transformative experience that harmonizes beauty and safety, encompassing the interests of taxpayers, healthcare professionals, business owners and visitors alike. As Pauline Herb eloquently summarizes, “We focus on the image and experience of the MedQuarter.”

This steadfast dedication is paving the way for a district that radiates excellence and embraces all who step within its bounds. For more information about the MedQuarter, read our last story!