Building Our 2019 Public Policy Priorities

Sysadmin Sysadmin | Jul 26, 2018

Certain times of the year our public policy advocacy efforts are publicly front and center. Other times, the work is being done … Read More

Federal Funding Awarded for Cedar Rapids Flood Control

Sysadmin Sysadmin | Jul 26, 2018

Following years of hard work and perseverance, the City of Cedar Rapids received word they will receive $117 million in Federal … Read More

Market After Dark Entertainment Update

Sysadmin Sysadmin | Jul 24, 2018

​The Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance is disappointed to announce that due to unforeseen scheduling conflicts, Maddie Poppe,… Read More

Impacts of The Eastern Iowa Airport as a Regional Economic Asset

Sysadmin Sysadmin | Jul 10, 2018

​Air service is a critical regional economic development asset. Airport Director Marty Lenss emphasized this fact last month dur… Read More

New Campaign, Downtown Cedar Rapids Sucks, Launches on Social Media

Sysadmin Sysadmin | Jun 28, 2018

​A recently launched social media campaign for Downtown Cedar Rapids is quickly garnering attention. The campaign, Downtown Ceda… Read More

Important Information on State Tax Changes

Sysadmin Sysadmin | Jun 28, 2018

​While the legislature adjourned for the year in early May, July 1 marks the day most new state laws go into effect. The Economi… Read More

Iowa Can't Afford a Long-Term and Costly Trade War

Sysadmin Sysadmin | Jun 28, 2018

Talk of impending tariffs, trade agreements and trade wars have been a part of the nation’s dialogue since President Trump took … Read More

The Strategy of Attracting Employers and High-Quality Jobs for the Region

Sysadmin Sysadmin | Jun 15, 2018

ICR IOWA, the new regional workforce and business attraction organization launched by the Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance a… Read More

Czech Village/New Bohemia Plans for Next Chapter of the District

Sysadmin Sysadmin | Jun 11, 2018

A commission composed of property owners in the Czech Village/New Bohemia District are focusing efforts on a few key priorities.… Read More

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